Financial Aid Request

There may be financial aid available to help with the cost of DYMO Programs from various sources. If you want to attend one of our programs, do not let finances get in your way.

  1. Determine Need
    Determine your family’s contribution to cover the fees.
  2. Ask Others for Financial Assistance
    Amount paid by fundraising:
    Many parishes sponsor fundraising events at the parish level or know of other sources of raising money for youth programs. Contact your parish Youth Minister for more information.

    Check with Your local parish
    Many parishes will provide financial assistance to its parishioners. Please contact your Youth Minister, Director of Religious Education or Pastor for more information.

    Other Sources
    This is an area to be left to your creativity. Local chapters of the Knights of Columbus, Veteran Organizations, and many other community organizations have money available or will help raise money for opportunities like the ones DYMO offers. Ask these organizations for a small donation and explain how you will benefit from the experience. If it fits their mission, they may help pay the registration fees. Don’t let the suggestions above limit your creativity.

    You may offer to provide a service or share your experience afterwards. Also consider: foundations, religious organizations, community organizations, civic groups, your employer or a parent’ employer, those who purchase ads on your parish bulletin, etc. A well-written letter explaining your needs and the experience you hope to have can go a long way with those who care about you that may be willing to donate toward your experience at camp.
  3. DYMO Ministries
    DYMO Ministries, Inc. has a limited amount of money set a side for full or partial grants. Realizing that individuals and parishes can offer differing amounts of support, DYMO Ministries will make individual monetary grants based on individual needs and available resources.

    In order to receive any financial aid from DYMO Ministries a Financial Aid Request Form must be completed and turned in to the program registrar. Be sure to list contact information for your parish and list all other sources you checked with prior to requesting funds from DYMO, even if no funds were received. DYMO Ministries may contact the parish contact person to further discuss specific need.

    Financial Aid Request Form
    Complete one Financial Aid Request Form for each participant. Additional information about your situation can be attached to or written on the back of each form.
    Please complete forms early for the greatest availability of funds.

There may be limited financial aid available to help with the cost of DYMO Programs from various sources. If you want to attend Camp, do not let finances get in your way. Please refer to Financial Aid Worksheet for
further instruction. Additional comments about your specific situation that you would like the committee to consider should be attached or written on the back of this form.

Non-discrimination Statement
It is the policy of DYMO Ministries, Inc. that no person or group on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, age, sex, marital status, or handicap shall be discriminated against, excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination in any program or activity for which it is responsible.