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DYMO Fast Facts:

  • A Catholic organization and follow the doctrine and practices of the faith
  • Dedicated to serving the youth of the Diocese of Grand Rapids and surrounding areas
  • Guided by the Diocese and the Bishop of Grand Rapids
  • Governed by a volunteer board of directors
  • A non-profit(501c3) organization

DYMO History:

  • 1972    First campers and staff attend Methodist Camp at Lake Louise in Boyne Falls, Michigan
  • 1974    Format of Methodist camp modified to include Catholic theology
  • 1977    Separation from Methodists to allow celebration of Eucharist during camp. Camp renamed DYMO Camp as a program of the Diocesan Youth Ministry Office in Grand Rapids. Location changed to Camp Pinewood, Muskegon.
  • 1985    Group of former camp directors unite to give direction and ensure the future of DYMO Camp.
  • 1986    DYMO Camp, Inc. incorporates as not for profit organization, 501(c)(3)
  • 1994    Endowment fund started with a donation from diocesan Fund for the Faith
  • 2002    Name change to DYMO Ministries, Inc. with addition of other opportunities to support parish youth ministry programs (helping parishes provide youth retreats, leadership conferences, etc)
  • 2002    First camp committee formed to move responsibility of planning DYMO camp from Board of Directors to group of volunteers selected by DYMO Camp directors

DYMO Campers:

  • At DYMO there is no such thing as a non-perfect camper.  All of our campers are perfect.  There is no one type of teen that we are trying to minister to.  We feel that all teens should have the opportunity to experience Jesus Christ, alive in their lives, in a means that resonates with them.
  • Scholastic students, those struggling academically, those high in their spirituality, those who need more encouragement, those who have many questions about Catholicism, those who have learned much about our faith, and everyone in between.  You will find all types of high school teens at DYMO camp.

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DYMO Benefits:

  • Your teen will meet people from all over the Grand Rapids diocese that are at the same place in their faith journey as they are.dsc_0174
  • Your teen will be able to ask trained chaperones questions about their faith and get answers that are in line with Catholic teachings.
  • Your teen will experience the Holy Spirit in many ways and will be able to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus.