Returning Staff Application

September 2020

Dear Friends in Christ,

For more than 40 years, DYMO Camp has aided in the Catholic faith growth of high school youth in the Grand Rapids diocese. DYMO Camp 2020 will be held June 13-19 and preparations are well underway! As a former staff member, we are hoping you will prayerfully consider being a part of DYMO Camp 2021!

God has blessed us all with gifts of time, talent and treasure. Our primary need is for 30 staff members who are available to volunteer the full week of camp. We will provide training for these men and women through monthly staff meetings and a weekend retreat. The training dates are as follows:

Sunday February 21, 2021
2:30–3:30 pm [new staff]
3:30–5:30 pm [all staff]
Ss. Peter & Paul, GR

Sat.–Sun. March 13 &14, 2021
9:00am (Sat)-11:00am (Sun)
YMCA Camp Pinewood

Sunday April 18, 2021
2:30–5:30 pm
Ss. Peter & Paul, GR

Sunday May 16, 2021
1:30–4:30 pm
To be determined

Sun.–Sat. June 13-19
YMCA Camp Pinewood

We would like to have these positions filled as soon as possible. To complete the application you may complete the form below and submit it electronically.  Please return it back to us by December 1, 2020. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

Thank you for investing in high school youth through DYMO camp. Your return on investment will be immeasurable!

God has blessed you —

2021 Camp Directors:

Patty Robinson
3rd Year Director

Brian Novak
nd Year Director

Laura Zapolnik
st Year Director

tel. 616.319.1102
(the phone will ring to the first available director)


DYMO Camp Staff Job Description, in brief

{ MI Rule 109 (8) }

Position: DYMO Camp Staff Member Responsible to: DYMO Camp Directors

Qualities Needed:


  • an understanding of the vision and mission of DYMO Ministries, Inc.
  • an ability to work with youth and promote their growth in character, experiences, and insights
  • a knowledge of the DYMO Camp program and planning
  • knowledge and experience working with youth
  • guard the health and well-being of campers at all times


  • at least 21 years old and beyond any DYMO camper experience for four years
  • experience working with youth
  • an ability to work in the outdoors comfortably
  • be enthusiastic and dependable
  • an ability to work as team player



  • work with a cabin of 8-10 campers to experience a safe, growing, fun Camp experience
  • work with other staff in a collaborative and supportive manner
  • organize and implement Day Theme/Prayer & Liturgy Team presentations and activities
  • lead a small group
  • volunteer and help with other Camp responsibilities as needs arise


  • review information on campers assigned to you
  • greet campers and families upon arrival and help orient them to Camp
  • communicate and enforce Camp confidentiality policy, rules, and emergency procedures
  • participate in all Camp activities
  • attend pre-Camp and ongoing staff meetings and trainings
  • report any suspicion of child abuse to your Camp directors and discuss it with no one else
  • help out where needed in any area of Camp to contribute to the successful operation of Camp

More details about the expectations of DYMO Camp staff are available in the DYMO Camp Staff Handbook.

    Staff Information

    First Name*:
    Middle Name*:
    Last Name*:
    Preferred First Name*:

    Mailing Address*:


    Phone Number*:
    Home Phone:
    Cell Phone:
    Work Phone:

    Birth Date*:
    Shirt Size*:

    Staff information questions:

    DYMO Ministries is in compliance with the Diocese of Grand Rapids’ policy on Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action (Section 30.0 Personnel Handbook). Additional information will be needed in order to conduct a full background check if accepted on DYMO Camp Staff.

    Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, or ar eyou presently charged with a misdemeanor or felony, other than minor traffic violations?*

    Do you have a current certification in First Aide?*

    Are you certified as a catechist in the Diocese of Grand Rapids?*

    If yes, what level are you currently?

    Do you speak a foreign language or have training to work with special populations?

    While DYMO Camp is a rewarding experience for staff members, it is primarily a time of giving to the campers, not of working out personal issues. Camp can be stressful and requires good physical and emotional health.

    “While future emotional health is difficult to assess, it is commonly held that some life events present severe emotional stress. Such life events include, but are not limited to: death of a spouse, close family member or friend, traumatic divorce or separation, personal injury or illness, marriage, being fired at work, pregnancy, or change to a different line of work.”
    [—See Holmes, T.H., & Rahe, R.H. The Social Adjustment Rating Scale, 1967. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 11, 213-218.]

    Events such as these can have a significant effect on one’s performance in a situation like DYMO Camp. They often require a period of social readjustment for six months to two years after the event. At this time do you foresee that you will be in good emotional health at the time of camp?*

    How do you currently practice your Catholic Faith?*

    Camp Staff Training Dates

    The ability to attend the staff meeting days will be an important consideration in staff selection. Please make an honest inventory of your availability for the next several months before turning in your application. Please circle Yes or No for each training date. If you mark No, please give a brief explanation of why you will not be able to attend that training.

    Sunday, February 21, 2021
    Saturday & Sunday, March 13 & 14, 2021
    Sunday, April 18, 2021
    Sunday, May 16, 2021

    Recent Camp Experience

    Please indicate what committees you were a member of/roles you were responsible before at recent Camps:

    2018-(Directors: Kristi, Christine, Patty)
    On staff*:
    Day Theme Team/Other Roles*:

    2019-(Directors: Christine, Patty, Brian)
    On staff*:
    Day Theme Team/Other Roles*:

    2020-(Directors: Patty, Brian, Laura)
    On staff*:
    Day Theme Team/Other Roles*:

    Please comment on your performance as a staff member of DYMO Camp in the past. Have you participated in all staff training and contributed effectively to your day theme(s)? Are there any areas you need to improve up on for DYMO Camp this year?*

    Has any parish, school, facility, organization or faith community terminated your volunteer service?*


    Please provide three references that will be able to account for your qualifications to serve as a member of the DYMO Camp Staff. No more than one reference may be a family member. If you would like to include additional references, you may list them on a separate piece of paper, but a minimum of three is needed.

    Name Relationship Phone Number Email

    Parish Membership

    Due to the vital role DYMO Camp staff members play in the life of young people, it is required that staff members be in good standing with a Catholic parish community and that the pastor of that parish have no objections to that person serving on DYMO Camp staff.

    Parish of Membership*:

    Agreement and Signature

    We truly appreciate your willingness to share your faith, gifts and skills with the DYMO campers! The information we asked for in this application will help us to put together an outstanding staff for Camp. Please read and initial each statement below. If you are unable to initial a statement, please provide an explanation as to why you were unable to.

    I certify that all of the information provided about myself is correct and complete.

    I authorize and request all of the persons and organizations above to give the Camp directors any and all information and opinions about me in their possession which may lawfully be disclosed.

    I understand that I will be asked to complete a background check release form and agree to do so when asked.

    A photocopy of this signed authorization and waiver shall be valid as an original.

    I grant DYMO Ministries, Inc. permission to use any photographs taken of me in its printed or online promotional materials.

    DYMO Ministries, Inc. has my permission to use any artwork and/or written work submitted by me in its printed or online promotional materials.

    I have participated in a VIRTUS Protecting God’s Children Awareness Session for Adults.
    (If you have not yet done this training, please see a director or contact your parish for more information.)

    I understand that all of my required paperwork must be completed prior to the March training meeting or I will not be able to serve as a DYMO Camp staff member. (Some of this paperwork will be made available once staff is selected and includes a health form, background check, and other important documents.)



    Role Discernment Form

    Please, prayerfully consider which areas your gifts might be of assistance. Show your interest in any of the committees/roles by placing a check on the line. The directors will be reviewing all applications and contacting applicants to discuss any areas where you have shown interest. Please also indicate interest in a committee/role even if you are unable to participate as a volunteer staff member this year.

    DYMO Camp Staff Member
    DYMO Camp Staff is made up of approximately 30 remarkable individuals who commit to the planning and implementation of DYMO Camp. Staff members are responsible to attend all staff trainings, participate on a day theme or liturgy committee, and attend the entire camp week.

    DYMO Camp Prayer Patron
    We continually remind ourselves that the success of DYMO Camp through the years is completely dependent upon the grace of God. A DYMO Camp Prayer Patron commits to remembering the DYMO Camp staff and campers in prayer for the months leading up to and during DYMO Camp.

    DYMO Camp Scholarship Patron
    DYMO Camp prides itself on being one of the most affordable Christian summer camp experiences in the country. Each year, however, we find a substantial number of would-be campers in need of scholarships. Financial donations to DYMO Ministries are tax deductible and much appreciated!

    DYMO Camp Workshop Coordinator / Presenter
    Do you have an interest in either presenting or finding someone to present a workshop at DYMO Camp?

    General Workshops (two, 1.5-hour sessions) should be designed to help the campers enhance personal growth, assist in learning about additional opportunities for ministry, and help to develop specific gifts and talents. Reflecting on the 7 Components of Catholic Youth Ministry can be helpful in brainstorming ideas for General Workshops (advocacy, catechesis, community, life, evangelization, justice, and service, leadership development, pastoral care, prayer and worship).

    Prayer Workshops (35 minute sessions) provide a facilitated opportunity for campers to experience a specific type of prayer. It is important that we place the emphasis on doing the prayer instead of only teaching how to do the prayer in a Prayer Workshop.
    Workshop Idea(s):
    I just think this would be a good topic for DYMO Camp.I think I am capable of presenting on this topic by myself.I would be willing to present on this topic with some help from other staff.I have someone in mind that would be great at this.

    Workshop Idea(s):
    I just think this would be a good topic for DYMO Camp.I think I am capable of presenting on this topic by myself.I would be willing to present on this topic with some help from other staff.I have someone in mind that would be great at this.

    Workshop Idea(s):
    I just think this would be a good topic for DYMO Camp.I think I am capable of presenting on this topic by myself.I would be willing to present on this topic with some help from other staff.I have someone in mind that would be great at this.

    Is the Spirit prompting you elsewhere?
    If there is another gift you are interested in sharing with DYMO Ministries, please tell us.

    DYMO Camp "Week of" Coordinators

    During the week of Camp, there are several important coordinator positions to be filled by staff members. Please indicate any interest in the positions below. Coordinators are appointed by the CAMP directors for a 1-year renewable term.

    Music CoordinatorPrayer Partner CoordinatorCamp Mailbox CoordinatorBell Ringer CoordinatorPre-meal Entertainment CoordinatorAudio/Visual Equipment TeamMeal Hopper CoordinatorUS Mail DistributorsBirthday RecognitionApparel Coordinator

    Camp Staff Online Biography (all categories required)
    The following answers will show in your biography on the website.
    Name (as you would like it to appear online):
    Parish Name:
    Parish City/State:
    Number of years as a camper:
    Number of years on staff (including this year):
    Favorite quote or Bible verse: