What’s Camp Like?

DYMO Camp 2019- Camp Theme “Alive Again”


Daily Schedule

  • Morning prayer
  • Breakfast
  • Presentation*
  • Small group time
  • Lunch
  • Rest and recreation
  • Workshops (campers choice)
  • Dinner
  • Mass (lakeside chapel)
  • Fun evening activity
    (bonfire, game night, dance, talent show, etc)
  • Night prayer

*Presentations develop the theme of the week. These presentations focus each day on specific Catholic relationships, including the following:

  • learning to love and accept each individual’s uniqueness and value
  • examining how we relate to others
  • growing in our relationship with God
  • discerning how we are called to be part of the church and community

Campers will be part of two small groups:


Campers sleep and keep their belongings in a cabin with up to 10 other teens and at least two adults all of the same gender.



Camp Families

Everyone is also part of a small group (family) consisting of two staff and up to eight campers.  These small sharing groups gather twice each day to reflect on the daily themes and how it applies to their lives. These are times to share prayer, problems, joys, feelings, and thoughts. The role of DYMO Camp staff is to guide these sessions, but not to do all of the talking or be professional counselors. Sharing group sessions help build a sense of the Catholic Christian community. Family time can provide personal growth, balanced with a caring sense of Christian responsibility to others.