2017 Camp Memories

Camp 2017

The Amazing DYMO Camp 2017 just concluded.

We thank you again for all the effort, love, support, and prayer that you put into this last week to make it as life changing as it was for our campers. The influence of the Holy Spirit working through all of you was evident throughout the week and connected with different campers at different times. As you settle back into your home routines and connecting with your family we invite you to add to your calendar a special date for you to join your DYMO families one last time as a group this summer.

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DYMO Camp Camper/Staff Reunion

Sunday, July 16th

Saint Patrick’s of Portland
520 W Grand River Ave, Portland, MI 48875

Join us for 11:00 mass followed by a potluck at Saint Pats Youth Center

Bring a dish to share and wear your DYMO Camp 2017 T-shirt

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