DYMO Camp 2021

Thank you for your interest in joining us for DYMO Camp 2021. This year will be a unique year due to necessary COVID-19 precautions. Our number of campers and staff will be limited this year and several safety procedures will be in place at camp.

In order to best serve the DYMO Community, please read all of the following information prior to applying to attend DYMO Camp 2021.

DYMO Camp 2021 will be held at YMCA Camp Pinewood and is limited to 40 campers. In order to ensure a well-balanced camp limits will be placed based on gender, grade and parish.

**New Staff Application**

**Returning Staff Application**

Please note: Staff registration to be completed after approved for DYMO Camp Staff 2021.

STEP 1: Apply for camp

Parents of interested campers must complete a Camp Application.

You will receive a response email from DYMO Board of Directors informing you if you have been accepted to Camp 2021 (with a link to the Registration Form) or you will be notified you have been placed on a waiting list. Acceptance is generated based on first-come, first-serve while adhering to gender, grade and parish limits.

Please review YMCA Camp Pinewood Covid-19 Safety Protocols. DYMO Camp will follow and enforce all safety protocols in place at the time of camp.

If you are requesting DYMO Financial Assistance for Camp 2021, your Financial Aid Application must accompany your Camp Application. You are also encouraged to contact your parish office or youth minister for support.

STEP 2: Register for camp

Once you receive the link to Camp Registration you have two weeks to complete it. Families who fail to complete their registration within two weeks will be notified that their space(s) have been given to someone on the waiting list.

STEP 3: Pay for Camp

All camp registration fees must be paid in full no later than April 30. DYMO Camp 2021 costs $430 per camper. A $15 discount, per camper, is available for those who pay via check. Checks should be mailed to:
DYMO Camp Registrar
6415 Musgrove Hwy
Sunfield, MI 48890

If you are expecting parish support, or another means of financial aid, please contact the Registrar (registrar@dymo.org) to discuss options.

Payments are also being accepted online.