DYMO is Rooted in Community

The person is not only sacred but also social. Every person is precious. (From Catholic Social Teaching)

You will find all types of high school teens at a DYMO retreat….those who are advanced in their spiritual life, those who need more encouragement, those who have many questions about Catholicism, those who have learned much about our faith, and everyone in between.

We believe that there is no such thing as a typical teen. Each person is a unique and loved creation of God. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience Jesus Christ, alive in their life, in a means that resonates with them.

At the DYMO retreat, teens will experience the Holy Spirit in many ways and will be able to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus. They will meet people from all over the Grand Rapids diocese that are at the same place in their faith journey as they are. They will be able to ask trained chaperones questions about their faith and get answers that are in line with Catholic teachings.

DYMO Ministries inc is non-profit (501c3) organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors

Nickie Wentworth (Chair)
Bill Mousel (Vice Chair)
Josh Lach (Secretary)
Ellen Kieras (Treasurer)
Father Danny Orris
Joanna Walters

Kristi Swindlehurst 

Joanna Walters 

Retreat Directors 2023

Laura Zapolnik
Michael Hurst 
Jordanne Schwandt