Typical Day at Camp


  • Morning prayer
  • Breakfast
  • Presentation*
  • Small group time
  • Lunch
  • Rest and recreation
  • Workshops (campers choice)
  • Dinner
  • Mass (lakeside chapel)
  • Fun evening activity (bonfire, game night, dance, talent show, etc)
  • Night prayer

*Each day at DYMO Camp has a specific focus. A variety of tools are used each day to including skits, slide shows, guided meditations, music, group sharing time, and liturgy/prayer are all used to set the tone and develop the theme. Each day will focus on one of the following:

  • learning to love and accept each individual’s uniqueness and value
  • examining how we relate to others
  • growing in our relationship with God
  • discerning how we are called to be part of the church and community